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Breadcrumb Beach

Breadcrumb Beach


Instrumental Surf Music - dominating the beaches of Southern California a

long time ago, has become a world wide phenomenon pursued by musicians that

came to the conclusion that they cannot sing. The speed, the rumbling reverb

and the complexity within simple song structures has always been the trademark

of this genre. For the first time in history, five Austrian bands have joined forces to document their efforts on record. The result is a full-length vinyl named Breadcrumb Beach - to be filed under Contemporary Instrumental Austrian Surf Music. From the impassable mountainranges of the west to the sun-drenched puszta in the east comes this music - prepare for an avalanche of guitars...


Balu und die Surfgrammeln hail from Vienna; this quintet emanated from the grey tides of river Danube and has found its destiny in merging surf music sounds with the classic tradition of Viennese orchestral music. As of today, they failed miserably.

Balu Gramml - dr, Max Gramml - git, Fabio Gramml - git, Wolfi Gramml, git, Kate Gramml - bs


Dave and the Pussies appeared in Fieberbrunn, Tyrol. They claim to provide the soundtrack to the movie in your mind where gangster flick meets spaghetti western meets film noir, with dashes of oriental magic. Both primitive and virtuoso at the same time, always straight in your face.

Dave - git, Lukas - dr, Mex - bs


The Goodhair Brothers from Vienna are three whackos providing good old Kaputtrock!

Billy K., git, Fabian - dr, Kloepfer - bs



Plan 9 Trash Records, P9L1220, www.schnitzelbilly.at

Kulturzentrum HOF
Ludlgasse 16, Linz, Österreich
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Kulturzentrum Hof
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Walter Hofmann
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